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MP Steele leads River Road clean-up after flash flooding

Oct 23, 2014 06:04PM

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, October 23, 2014 – GIS: Member of Parliament for the Town of St.George,  Honourable Nickolas Steele, led a team to clear the roads in record time after flash flooding caused by overnight and early morning rains hampered movement in the River Road area Thursday morning.

Steele, also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, led a team of persons clearing drains and washing roads to facilitate the resumption of   vehicles and pedestrians through River Road.

The St. John’s River over flowed its banks bringing heavy debris on to the streets of river road severely affecting movement in the area.

“Today we are going to be reallocating the debushing gangs that are supposed to be all around the constituency of St. George cleaning drains and cutting the side of the road,” Steele explained.

“They will be reallocated to this area so that we can start clean up here. We are going around the rest of the constituency to see where they are areas with blocked drains”.

Eyewitnesses in the area say Minister Steele and community residents worked feverishly to ensure the area was motorable within five hours.

The Point Salines met office has reported that the heavy rains were caused by a tropical wave in the area.

A flood mitigation project has already been identified for the area.

“Things are getting worst for islands like Grenada and the Caribbean due to climate change, the weather patterns are different and we have to take measures to mitigate this,” Steel pointed out.

“It is not just today that the river has broken that we are talking this talk. It’s something that we have been consistent with. There is a flood mitigation project for this river”.

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