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Press Release - SEED payments

Oct 27, 2015 05:10PM

The public is hereby notified that SEED payments would be made from Thursday 29th October, 2015, 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m at the various District Revenue offices and the Treasury, Ministry of Finance.

 Please note the following:

  1.     Proper identification cards should be presented by beneficiaries.

Letters of authorization are required by agents collecting on behalf of   beneficiaries. 

  1.     Students in uniform should be allowed to collect their grants upon entry.
  1.     Beneficiaries and agents should ensure that their signatures are affixed

   in the correct spaces on the pay sheet.   

  1.    Parents who collect the grant for students not attending school will be

   required to re-pay the monies into the Revenue offices.

  1.    Beneficiaries should notify the Ministry of any change of address, contact

   numbers and school.

  1.   Agents are not allowed to collect the SEED grant for more than three


The Ministry of Social Development and Housing would be grateful for the cooperation of all concerned.

Ministry of Social Development and Housing

27th October, 2015




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