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UNICEF Regional Director praises Grenada’s Fight to End Child Abuse

Mar 26, 2015 05:25AM

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, March 25, 2015-GIS: While significant progress is being made in Grenada and other Caribbean countries, there is need for more work at the community level to report and prevent sexual abuse against children.


That’s according to Mr. Bearnt Aasen, Regional Director of UNICEF.

Mr. Aasen, on his first official visit to Grenada said when dealing with the issue of child abuse, we should focus on ways we can prevent it.


“I think the area where we all have a lot to learn is maybe the area which is about most important and that is how do we prevent sexual abuse,” said Aasen.

The UNICEF official alleged that activities carried out at  community base could assist in the prevention of such act.


“I don’t think anyone has a recipe that they can prescribe but certainly it has to be the activities at community level,” he said.


Aasen also praised Grenada’s development of a National Child Abuse Protocol, since, according to him, child abuse is cause for major concern throughout the Caribbean.

Minister for Social Development, Hon. Delma Thomas thanked the UNICEF team for its support to Grenada over the years.


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