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Grenada’s first female Certified Ringside Physician, Dr Deborah-Ann Stephens-John

Dec 6, 2013 11:06AM

Havana, Cuba, Friday 6th December, 2013, Professional boxing is back
in Cuba after some 53 years and Grenada is part of that historic
event, being represented by AIBA        (International Boxing
Association) Certified Ringside Physician, Dr Deborah-Ann

Dr. Deborah Stephens- John is the first Grenadian as well as the first
woman in the whole of the Western Hemisphere to hold this post in this
field of international professional boxing.

The competition will be on December 6th between Cuba and Russia in Havana, Cuba.
Dr. Stephen John is the leader of the team of Physicians who conducted
the medicals on participants and examined the physical conditions of
the ring and venue on Thursday, December 5th.

She gave the all clear and said that everything seemed to be getting
in place and should be ready for the fight on Friday night (December,

She further stated that there will be live streaming of the event and
Grenadians will be able to not only watch the competition  but also
her first performance in ringside medical procedures .

Grenada’s Ambassador to Cuba, Her Excellency Claris Charles
congratulated Dr. Stephens-John for being the pioneer in this area of
professional boxing, going into a field that is traditionally male
dominated and projecting Grenada on the international landscape again.

About AIBA
The Fédération Internationale de Boxe Amateur (FIBA). The official
foundation of FIBA was celebrated on August 24th 1920 during the
Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. International competition grew
rapidly allowing amateurs to compete in prestigious tournaments.

In November 1946, a new start was given to boxing’s governing body in
order to regain some of the loss of credibility caused by the
behaviour of some leading officials during World War II. FIBA was
dissolved and the English Amateur Boxing Association, in partnership
with the French Boxing Federation, decided to create AIBA; the
Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur.
Now, 60 years later, AIBA continues to govern Olympic Games boxing
while AIBA’s new president Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu takes boxing into a new

The word "amateur" is no longer used, while the shape of boxing
throughout the world is changing its image through a new logo and
revolutionary competition guidelines.

Most importantly, during this time of change, the International Boxing
Association continues to work diligently to ensure a fair, safe and
drug free sport for the benefit of all fans of our beautiful sport.

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