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Prime Minister urges Social Safety Net Officers to be impartial and confidential

Oct 18, 2014 09:03AM

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, October 17, 2014 –GIS: Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has stressed the importance of the role played by officers of House Repair and SEED Programmes.

The Prime Minister laid emphasis on the officers’ importance in delivering services to the needy during a meeting with them on Friday.

He was accompanied by Honorable Delma Thomas, Minister of Social Development and Housing.

In addressing the officers at the meeting which he convened, Prime Minister stressed the importance of their function as it relates to the delivery of services to vulnerable citizens in the country.

He urged the officers to always demonstrate cooperation, humility, confidentiality and fairness in their daily work.

The Prime Minister’s comments came on the heels of the Throne Speech delivered on Thursday by the Governor General that will see the officers' roles being expanded in 2015.

Government plans to invest more in the house repair and needy assistance programmes; increase the transportation allowance; expand the soft loan programme, and enter into contracts with the private sector for the construction of low and middle income housing.

With the increased responsibility, Prime Minister Mitchell urged the officers to not misuse the country’s resources, as these are being monitored by the international financial organizations.

Dr. Mitchell said the international financial organizations have already informed Grenada that it needs to prioritize and maintain the allocations for the social safety net programmes, even in this period of debt restructuring.

Prime Minister Mitchell reminded the officers that support from the World Bank and other organizations will continue to be based on the country’s performance as well as how well the resources are given.

Both the Prime Minister and the Minister for Social Development and Housing implored on the officers the need to be non-partisan, and impartial in rendering their services.Moreover, the Ministers stressed that confidentiality in the execution of their tasks was of paramount importance, as it ensures that clients can retain their dignity, even while vulnerable.

The overall aim of SEED, which is funded by the World Bank and launched in Grenada in 2013, is to reduce poverty and increase investment in human capital among the poor and vulnerable.

The benefits under SEED include conditional cash transfers linked to such things as the recipients' adherence to health checkups and school attendance. The programme encompasses the Transportation allowance for students, the Necessitous Fund and the Public Assistance Programme.


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