New National Party

Saint Andrew South West



Honourable Yolande Bain-Horsford


Hon. Yolande Bain Horsford, Member of Parliament for the constituency of St. Andrew South West, has a very distinguished public service career prior to her entry into national politics.


Her public service career path included her as the Director of Gender and Family Affairs, Director of Women’s Affairs, Institutional Strengthening (a United Nations Program to Support Good Governance), and Eco-Tourism.


In the above position she was able to influence the passing and enactment of the Domestic Violence Act of 2001; Designed high impact economic programs for low income and unemployed women in rural communities; Development of institutional strategies and policies to support good governance. Planned and implemented Eco-Tourism initiatives on the Island.


In 2001, Yolande’s achievement was once again recognized at which time she was appointed as a Senator in the Upper House and became Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, NIS, Culture and Gender & Family Affairs, with specific responsibility for Gender & Family Affairs:


In 2004, Yolande was nominated as the NNP candidate in St. Andrew South West where she soundly thrashed Michael Baptise. She joined the Mitchell Cabinet as Minister of Housing, Social Services and Gender Affairs.

 Yolande’s success in her constituency is not only derived from her attention and commitment to constituents but also her success as an entrepreneur, family traditions and long commitment to volunteer social development in the constituency