New National Party

Saint Andrew North East

 Honourable Roland Bhola


Hon. Roland Bhola, Member of Parliament for the constituency of St. Andrew North East. In 2003, Bhola’s political career began when he was appointed as a member of the Grenada Senate. As a Senator, he was assigned as Junior Minister in the Ministry of Communications, Works and Energy. He was later elected to the lower House and became a Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance with specific responsibility for Revenue Administration. After his re-election success in 2003, Elections, Bhola was appointed as Minister of Sports, Community Development and Co-Operatives.

 Roland ably represents the people of his constituency of St. Andrew North East. He also ascribes to the fact that he represents all of St. Andrew, St. Patrick and St. David, since none of these rural areas have representation on the opposition side in Parliament at this time.

He has the capacity to succeed in solving difficult problems. He is patriotic, loves his people, his nation and best of all he loves himself. He has presented a characteristic display of political professionalism that tends to compensate for a somewhat much convincing record of political achievement and such energies as he is able to spare for domestic issues are largely devoted toward striking a balance between the demands of labour’s plans for social reorganization. Politically, Mr. Bhola’s most significant achievement is perhaps the extent to which he established himself as a national leader in his constituency.

 Mr. Bhola has the political know how to keep his party united and help it achieve its objectives. He is anxious to develop both the political and economic unity of the Caribbean countries. He symbolizes socialist secular progressivism. He sees his role as a doer, in his view what Grenada needs is vigour in working out accepted programs.

 He brings a wealth of experience in the field of Public Policy and continues to make a major contribution to the development of Grenada.