New National Party

St. John's Constituency

Honourable Alvin DaBreo

Hon. Alvin Da Breo, Member of Parliament for the constituency of St. John is a person with great patience, hardworking and deeply committed to his St. John constituency.

Alvin was born in St. John’s and started his early education at the St. John’s Primary School and later the Presentation Boys College. He later immigrated to Canada where he studied studies in management development and electronics engineering. He is well known for his innovative approaches and practices in electronic initiatives as is recognized as an authority in this area.

His academic pursuit in Canada did not prevent him from contributing his professional and volunteer skills to many Caribbean Canadian organizations in the Province of Alberta. He played a significant role in the formation of the Canada Caribbean Association where he served as Public Relations Officer and also contributed his professional skills as a volunteer to the Canada Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada.

Alvin is best described as an electronic entrepreneur and innovator. In Alberta, Canada, he worked for two large cable television stations and later established his own electronic firm Comtex Engineering.

He later returned to Grenada where he worked as General Engineering Manager at Grenada Television. He later founded Grenada Wireless Communication Ltd where he serves as Managing Director including Wee FM radio and television.

Alvin is deeply committed to the social upliftment of the disadvantaged in his community. He remains actively involved in many local community development initiatives including sports among the youth in the outlying and rural areas of St. John.

The New National Party (NNP) is profoundly proud 
to have Alvin Da Breo as part of its national rescue team.