New National Party

St. Mark's Constituency

Honourable Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen

Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, Member of Parliament for the constituency of St. Mark is a born and bred Victorian who continues to share her time and skills with the people of the great parish of St. Mark. Her early life-long career started as a Science teacher at the Waltham Junior Secondary School which was later followed by her quest and interest to pursue medicine in the Republic of Cuba. Commonly known by her constituents as “the DOC”. She has always been opened to challenges and committed to making significant contributions that would benefit her constituents and other deserving Grenadians.

In 1987, upon her return from completing medical studies, she joined the staff of the General Hospital and provided exemplary care to the thousands of eye patients she served for the past twelve (12) years.

In 1998, due in part to her long commitment and enthusiasm for health sector transformation in Grenada, she resigned her position at the General Hospital and entered the political environment and was appointed to the Senate of Grenada and became Junior Minister for Health. Her transformation journey began as her creativity and potential effectiveness could be realized as she played an integral part in decision making processes.

In the 1999 general elections, she became The New National Party (NNP) candidate for the constituency of St. Mark and handsomely won the constituency. She was then elevated to the cabinet position of Minister for Health and The Environment where her transformational work became a true reality and is well known throughout the Tri-island state. Some of her glowing accomplishments as Health and Environment Minister included:

  • Construction of the new General Hospital;
  • Implementation of the HIV/AIDS World Bank Project;
  • Establishment and implementation of the St. George’s University and Government of Grenada Cardiology Program;
  • Increased access to rural health services and creation of additional resources.