New National Party

St. Patrick West

Honourable Anthony Boatswain

Hon. Anthony Boatswain hails from St. Patrick and this is why we are deeply proud to have him as the Member of Parliament for the constituency of St. Patrick West. Commonly referred to as Tony, he received his primary education at the Chantimelle R.C. School and St. Patrick’s Anglican School. He later attended McDonald College (1969) and the Grenada Boys Secondary School (1971).

He later immigrated to the United States where he pursued undergraduate and post graduate studies at the University of Long Island, New York where he graduated in Economics. Tony is an avid sportsman having represented Mc Donald College at Football, Cricket and Athletics.

Senator Boatswain has an impeccable record of public service in Grenada. Prior to joining the Grenada Public Service, he taught at McDonald College and later at the St. John’s Christian Secondary School. Upon entering the Grenada Public Service, he was assigned to the Ministry of Finance where he served as Permanent Secretary, Deputy Director General and Chief Economic Planner. He later served as General Manager of the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation.

During his exemplary Public Service Career, he also served as Chairperson of the Marketing and National Importing Board and Board member at the Grenada Ports Authority, Land Development Control Authority, the Grenada Board of Tourism, Grenada Banana Cooperative Society, Grenada Bureau of Standards, the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Grenada Development Bank. After demitting the public service, he became engaged with the private sector at the level of Company Director.

In 1998 he was elected as Chairman of the St. Patrick’s West Constituency Branch of the New National Party (NNP). In January 1999, he won the Constituency of St. Patrick’s West, becoming a member of the House of Representatives and was appointed Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Finance.

In November 1999 he was appointed Minister of Finance, Trade, Industry and Planning, In November 2003 he was re-elected as a Member of Parliament having won the St. Patrick West seat.

In 2007, following a Cabinet realignment, he was appointed Minister for Economic Development and Planning, Trade and Industry. Mr. Boatswain has travelled extensively representing Grenada at many international meetings including World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Commonwealth Secretariat, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), CARICOM and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Anthony maintains a very close link to his constituents and remains firmly committed to prudent national economic decisions, which are geared towards ensuring sustainable development and continued prosperity in National Development for the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Boatswain continues to serve his nation and constituency with competence and dedication.