New National Party

Town of St. George Constituency

Honourable Nickolas Steele

Nickolas Steele, Member of Parliament for the constituency of the Town of St. George comes to our party with a wealth of experience, business knowledge and commitment that he will be a very effective and productive electoral representative. 

Nickolas is no stranger to the Town of St. George. Prior to his nomination as the NNP constituency representative, he had established himself in the constituency as a caring person for the socially disadvantaged especially the youth of the constituency. His ongoing support and efforts to improve sporting facilities, environmental surroundings and skills development is clearly an attestation to his civic commitment and responsibilities.

He attended Westmorland Secondary School where he excelled in academics that earned him the opportunity to completed undergraduate studies at North Western University in Chicago where he majored in Business Administration and Finance. Upon his return to Grenada, he became very engaged in developing and managing various business enterprises that earned him the right and legitimacy to be the NNP spoke person on Trade and Industry and Business Development.

Nickolas will work closely with Dr. Mitchell and the NNP team and pledges to be an excellent parliamentary representative for the Town of St. George.